Rageeb Mahtab

Solutions Architect
Amazon AWS
Baruch '20

Helal Chowdhury

Software Engineer
NYU '21

Yasin Ehsan

Senior Software Engineer
Capital One AI/ML
QC '20

Joey Jiemjitpolchai

Software Engineer
Stony '20

Shaikat Islam

Software Engineer
Trip Advisor
Tufts '21

Where we were

The three of us attended the same High School at Brooklyn Tech. We all started off at different places with different career paths. Despite attending different Colleges at NYU, Baruch and Queens College, we stayed in touch to share our experiences and encourage one another in our career aspirations. Eventually the three of us realized our goals in Software Engineering aligned and the best way to achieve is together.

Where we went

Together with a couple other members, we formed a team where we competed in Hackathons all around the country. Starting off creating small projects, we slowly gained the skills needed to win consecutive Hackathons while also getting the connections and experience needed for our job search. Soon after, the three of us now just started our full-time jobs at Amazon, Bloomberg and Capital One.

Where we'll go

After a long journey since starting College, we realized the knowledge and experience we have now are things we picked up through a lot of hard work and many trial and error. With this serious lack of Colleges taking initiatives to give students practical knowledge of how to secure a position in top companies, we felt it is time to give back the culmination of our experiences to the communities we were once in. The Headstarter seminars will aim to guide students through every step of their college and professional career such that they are equipped with everything they need to land their dream job.