Situation Based

Not a CS major yet? No problem, our seminar will equip you with valuable technical skills that will make your resume stand out, as well as guide you through all the tips to land interviews. You will also get an in depth analysis of CS and how to succeed, so you can be fully prepared and know everything you need to in order to switch majors.
The entire seminar is designed to prepare you from start to finish on how to land the best job for you. This includes being fully prepared for interviews. We will go over the structure of interviews, as well as teach you the most common data structures and algorithms that will show up in your technical interviews.
Prepared for the interview? That's great! But it's a completely different ball game to actually land the interviews in the first place. The seminar will go over everything from upgrading your resume, completing projects, learning to brand yourself, and creating your own portfolio website to help you stand out beyond most students. Then you can finally put your leetcode skills to the test and secure the job!

Experience Based

We will teach you all the steps from the ground up in how to stand out for a Software job even without prior software experience. The seminar itself will guide you through the essential steps in getting prepared, as well as provide you with projects to put on your resume, already giving you an advantage over most candidates!
How to ensure you utilize your experience to its full potential? The seminar will go over all the steps to obtain a full-time job in top tech companies while being able to balance your school and grades.
Already have a full-time offer? The seminar will go over all the steps to keeping your position secure, negotiate salary, and move upward to getting a position at a FAANG company.