7-week Tech Fellowship

A complete guide to securing a job in Software Engineering. Fast-track your job hunt by breaking down the basics of branding, applying, and interviewing from Jul 22 - Sep 5.
Interview Prep

Familiarize with 10+ data structures and algorithm patterns to speak comfortably during top tech companies’ bar raiser questions

Projects Portfolio

Publish 2 apps in Apple and Google Play Stores using React Native to gain experience in design, development, testing and deployment

Job Applications

Complete 20 live job applications using our proven method to maximize interview offers i.e. 100 applications 20 interviews

Being at the right place at the right time

To land that desired six-figure job, work backwards to how many semesters you have left and how you can build up your experiences from initial projects to internships at startups to top companies.

Stand out all stages of the job process

We've selected topics to break down the job process at each step, 2 production projects to boost your resume, and a space to form small groups for future hackathon teams + share job related conversations.

Interview Prep

Thursdays | 6-9PM ET

Week 1
Interview process, Big O notation
Week 2
Arrays, Linked List, Sliding Window
Week 3
Stacks, Queues, Sorting
Week 4
Graphs, DFS, BFS
Week 5
Binary Trees, Tree Iteration
Week 6
Recursion, Backtracking
Week 7
Dynamic Programming

Hear from those whom we've helped

We've directed and assisted several of our friends and peers through voluntary workshops and phone calls. We're proud to say we've helped 20+ land offers from Capital One (12), Amazon (3), Others (8).
"Ever since I met Yasin at HackNYU in February 2019, his mentorship then and now have been an invaluable resource, providing me and others with insights into the tech industry. His influence spans multiple fronts from his 'Zuck' mentorship group focused on creating a web portfolio and crafting a resume & LinkedIn profile to connecting me with early tech programs, such as the Capital One Summit, and preparing me for interviews that would lead to my first internship as a sophomore. Through the time I've known Yasin, he has provided me with advice for internships and visions for a career in software engineering. On the tech side, I've worked with Yasin on multiple hackathon projects during HackNYU, HackRPI, and CodePath iOS bootcamp where I learned about the technical aspects and practices in real world applications. No doubt, Yasin has been beneficial in my early career efforts of which was landing my first internship this past summer."
- Kevin, NYU Junior, Capital One Intern